Favorite Mix : Blaqstarr "We Make It Good Mix Series Vol. 6"

Blaqstarrといえば、B-MoreのProducer/DJでM.I.A.のHit曲、Jay-Zが参加したRemixも記憶に新しい"Boyz"、Jay-Z & T.I. feat. Kanye West & Lil Wayne "Swagger Like Us"でSamplingされた "Paper Planes"を含む大Hit Album "KALA"に抜擢されたほどの人物。


1. “War Of Roses” Blaqstarr ft. Jack Denning (BlaQJack)
2. “Moments of Love” Art Of Noise
3. “Billie Jean” Michael Jackson
4. “In The Groove” Blaqstarr ft. Rye Rye
5. “Rebels Hop” Bob Marley
6. “Just A Thought” Gnarls Barkley
7. “Lithium” Nirvana
8. “Dumb” Nirvana
9. “Fed Up” Madonna
10. “Thieves In The Temple” Prince
11. “Lick” Joi
12. “Pourin’ Up” Pimp C
13. “Let Me See It” UGK
14. “ET” Outkast
15. “Aquemeni” Outkast
16. “As Much As You” Colin Munroe ft. Blaqstarr
17. “The Turn” M.I.A. (produced by Blaqstarr)
18. “Bang Hard” Blaqstarr

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